Philips: AirStudio+ Lite App für Fidelio AW-Geräte jetzt für Android 7 (Version 1.0.3)

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die für die Steuerung der Philips Fidelio AW-Geräte (AW1000 – AW9000) benötigte AirStudio+ Lite App ist in einer neuen Version erschienen.

Unterstützte Geräte:

  • AW1000/10, AW1000/37
  • AW2000/10, AW2000/37
  • AW3000/10, AW3000/37
  • AW5000/10, AW5000/37
  • AW9000/10, AW9000/37


  • Compatibility with Android 7

For playback from local device, please use other DLNA Apps such as Philips MyRemote, or BubblePlayer.



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7 Gedanken zu „Philips: AirStudio+ Lite App für Fidelio AW-Geräte jetzt für Android 7 (Version 1.0.3)“

  1. Good news that there is activity/resources for the AirStudio+ app!
    Does this version fix the problem with Spotify essentially not working?
    Or will this also require a FW update to the AWX000/10 devices?

  2. Hi and thanks for the info!

    Yes, now tested the Android 7 version and can not find any new features or functional upgrades.
    Seems to be an upgrade purely to allow AirStudio+ to run on Android 7 devices.
    (Note: Did *not* run any exhaustive testing.)

    Sorry to hear that this series is EOL!
    Disappointed at Gibson/Philips *if* they leave a product EOL after a few years with a crucial feature (Spotify) missing.

    Toengel, are both the AWx000 hardware *and* the AirStudio+ app EOL?
    Do both of these require upgrades in order to get Spotify running again?

    (AW2000, AW5000, AW9000)

  3. Hello Toengel!

    I still use my very old iPod and AirStudio to listen to its music library on my AW3000.
    However, I am very frustrated after the iOS 11 release because I do not know how to play songs from my iPad. Which app can I use on iOS 11 (MyRemote is not compatible with iOS 11) to play songs from the iPad and listen to them with my AW3000.

    Thank you for your help!

    • Hi,

      you can use iOS 11 to control your AW with the AirStudio LITE app – however, this app does not contain the Twonky DLNA server functionality (for playing local music on the AW). This Twonky was removed due to licensing… You need to find another app, which supports DLNA…


  4. Hello again!

    Thank you for your swift response. Do you know any (good) app which supports DLNA? To speak frankly, I am very frustrated how Philips treats its clients. The loudspeaker has a very good quality, but what is it worth if everything depends on the app you use?

    Thanks again!


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