Philips Lightwaves…

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vor Kurzem hat Philips einen Teaser zu “Philips Lightwaves” veröffentlicht. Gestern wurde “das Geheimnis” gelüftet…:

Philips TV is all about creating moments that are beyond the ordinary. Lightwaves is one of those moments. In this film you will meet some of the world’s best surfers, Chippa Wilson and Damien Hobgood, taking on beautiful waves engulfed in light and color on specially crafted boards — in a way you have never seen before. On a journey to Dubai and the Maldives with the world-leading adventure film company, Sweetgrass Productions we found the perfect locations for this movie. It’s an emotional experience that mirrors our vision of the power of Ambilight — and shows just how fantastic something already cool can be just by adding the power of light. A Philips TV is all about making you feel more from the things you love to watch, play and share. With the power of Android ™ and Ambilight we can make just that happen.

Music: Urban Cone-Treasures

(Scheint bloß ein buntes Video zur Werbung für Ambilight zu sein. *gähn*)


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