Philips: Neue Firmware für 2013er TV-Serien 32×8, 4xx8 und 50×8 (Version – Update 2

Philips: Neue Firmware für 2013er TV-Serien 32×8, 4xx8 und 50×8 (Version – Update 2


Philips hat eine neue Firmware für die 2013er TV-Serien:



TPM1013E_002.025.000.001 (Date published: 2013-08-08)

  • Fixed Belgium missing DTV channel issue
  • Slovenia -DVB-T scan with country SLOVENIA: DVB-T channels are located from program number 800+
  • PQ/Panel data update
  • Canal Digital certification award and e-sticker enabled.
  • Update Slovenia language translation
  • Skype no function after SW V2.023 upgrade via autorun.upg
  • backlight dimming modification for TXT subtitle
  • PQ/Panel data update
  • Issue fix: Unitymedia certification logo is shown for Country Netherlands instead of UPC certification logo.
  • Issue fix: Analogue channels inside additional settings for DVB-T scan, country Slovenia, should be OFF by default.
  • Issue fix: A HELP menu »?« – electronic user manual – database is empty/nothing is shown on the screen.
  • Issue fix: OSD keyboard should appear in local languages (see Done, Hide, Backspace,…).
  • Issue fix: DLNA server error message: See below. This is not true. All other connected devices can play all content.
  • Add Telenet broadcast certification: DVB-C CAM menu does not allow confirmation of entered
  • Add Telenet broadcast certification: Fix No network ID can be entered when starting a channel
  • NetTV library 1.05 implementation
  • PQ/Panel data update
  • One PQ for H/T/K model
  • 4900 model uses 4500 e-DFU (450012125202)
  • Hebrew language implementation
  • IP Push : Update UI translation for Germany request (IP push and SW USB upgrade)
  • E-sticker update
  • Field issue: Error 500 while opening IP EPG
  • Field Issue : [Ziggo]Pin Pop Up is displayed when exiting VOD or inserting CAM or channel switching
  • Field issue: Network Data Update YES/NO issue
  • Field issue: Loading of SmartTV portal during 6am update
  • Field issue: No signal when connect to special STB (Turkey)
  • Field issue: Broadcast EPG DVB-S: First program cannot be selected
  • Field Issue : Update UI translation for Germany request (DivX UI in Content browser)
  • Service issue: TV cannot dump update.html to NTFS USB
  • Service issue: RDM issue [IPM-86700]
  • Service issue: IP upgrade sometimes failed
  • NetTV App improvement – Wuaki TV app issue
  • Skype kit 4.5 implementation
  • BBC iplayer certification


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Update 1 (9.8.2013):


Update 2 (4.10.2013):

Es gibt eine neue Firmware.

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