Philips: Neue Firmware Version H5.19S für Fidelio AW-Serie

Philips: Neue Firmware Version H5.19S für Fidelio AW-Serie

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Philips hat eine neue Firmware für die Fidelio AW-Serie A9, A5, A3, A2 und A1 (AW9000, AW5000, AW3000, AW2000 und AW1000) veröffentlicht: Version H5.19S

  • Bugfix for not starting the playback when the PRESET-key on the main unit is pushed (e.g. for stations like Skyradio, Skyradio NL, Radio Vericona)
  • Bugfix for issues being reported with Samsung’s Allshare application (playback stops prematurely)
  • Bugfix for offset markers in search entry boxes (e.g. Internet radio station search)
  • Bugfix for unit not going to Standby automatically (after 15 minutes of playback in DLNA / uPnP mode)
  • Bugfix for wrong LED (light) indication as reported in the forum for the AW9000. Also the light for the PRESET keys has been corrected.
  • Bugfix for unit not going to STANDBY when triggered via the Airstudio app (in case no media was playing).
  • Enhancements in the network setup wizard – check of non-supported characters, as supported characters, as well as basic network security password check
  • Addition of STOP-button in all the modes (Internet radio, Music Services)
  • Increase of supported tracks for Spotify playlists (from 3500 to 5000 tracks)
  • The unit will indicate a poor network connection (for iOS users only)
  • Stability enhancements in Spotify after long-term usage
  • Napster enhancements w.r.t. Album art-handling, rating function
  • Further improvements in the accuracy of the embedded network status monitor function
  • When Internet radio stations cannot be played back, a proper error message will be shown

Zusätzliche Informationen: Software_Readme_File_V5 19S v1.pdf

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