Philips: Neue Firmware H5.10S für Fidelio AW-Serie (Update 1)

Philips: Neue Firmware H5.10S für Fidelio AW-Serie (Update 1)

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Philips hat eine neue Firmware für die Fidelio AW-Serie A9, A5, A3, A2 und A1 (AW9000, AW5000, AW3000, AW2000 und AW1000) veröffentlicht: Version H5.10S.

  • On Spotify online music service, the previous firmware v.4.95S displays incomplete playlist under starred folders. This issue is corrected on this firmware release version.
  • Enhanced usability. Song view list now shows 20 or 30 entries compared to 10 entries in previous firmware version.
  • Now playing indicator is shown on the home page under Music service.
  • Preset station number indicators are shown next to preset internet radio stations.
  • Included Network Status Tool for troubleshooting network performance issue. To access to Network Status Tool, go to Services -> Your device -> Settings -> Network status. The Network Status Tool gathers WiFi network statistics and conveys the information into network environment chart. You can improve the performance of network by changing the access point to a channel which has least number of networks. To change the access point channel, please refer to its user manual guide.

Zusätzliche Informationen: Software_Readme_File_V5 10S v1.pdf

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Update 1:

Das ganze gibt es hier in Deutsch.

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