Philips: Neues TV-Firmware-Update 9.21 für 6606er Serie

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Philips hat ein neues Firmware für die 2011er 6606er TV-Serie veröffentlicht:

Q5551_0.9.21.0 (Date published: 2011-05-26)

  • No picture or black screen seen on certain digital cable (DVB-C) channels. (Only applicable to country, Finland)
  • Russian OSD translation errors are corrected.
  • Unable to select some Russian alphabets from the onscreen keyboard in Net TV portal.
  • “Video format not supported” message appears onscreen with HDMI video format 1080i from a certain set-up box.
  • Split screen with green horizontal lines appears onscreen with HDMI video format 720p from a certain set-up box.
  • TV does not response (intermittent) to the remote control in [Watch satellite] mode. (Only applicable to K-models)

Release for TV550R1:

Generation date:
18/05/2011 22:54:34



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