Philips 58PFL9955: Changelog für Firmware 140.23


Philips hat es endlich geschafft, einen aktuellen Changelog zur Firmware 140.23 zu veröffentlichen. Alle Änderungen enthalten auch die davor veröffentlichten. Da bisher nur die Änderungen bis Version Q5551_1.75.13.54 verfügbar waren, hier nun alle restlichen:

Q5551_0.140.23.0 (Publication date: 2010-10-20)

  • Fix- TV is intermittently switching to standby after 2-3 Hr.
  • Fix- Combined satellite tuner reboots visible.
  • Fix– When accessing NetTV the interface language is always in English independent of the system menu language selected by user.
  • Fix– Finland -Intermittent functioning of teletext and subtitles
  • Fix– Video playback (USB/DLNA/nettv) – Picture format now takes into account the video aspect ratio instead of the standard container aspect ratio. Result: Videos with aspect ratio different than 16:9 are not going to be stretched anymore by default.
  • Fix– Picture judders during playback via USB.

Q5551_0.140.11.0 (Publication date: 2010-10-05)

  • DVB-S:pre-defined channel grid in Austria and Switzerland implemented.
  • Improvements on picture performance in general.
  • Improvement for the EPG broadcast performance and channel list on KDG cable network.(for Germany)
  • Improved behavior of video store.
  • Startup behavior is improved.
  • Enhanced robustness again remote controls of other devices.
  • Possible audio loss solved on HDMI and DVB-T Spain.
  • Widget icon is no longer present in the menu.


  • Ziggo certification obtained.


  • Improvements on subtitles level for BBC1 and UPC.
  • Reduces possible transients after channel change.
  • Solves possible loss or dark picture at startup or after channel change.
  • Improves ambilight stability.
  • Improvements on sorting on digital channels in Germany.
  • Improvements on MPEG4 playback.
  • Improvements on teletext in Danmark and the Netherlands.


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