Philips: Neue Firmware für 2023er High-End-TVs mit Google TV (TPM231WW:

Erfahrungen, Feedback und Bugmeldungen zu einzelnen Firmware-Versionen
OLED908, OLED8x8, OLED7x8, PUS88x8, PUS85x8
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    @Toengel kannst Du was dazu sagen, ob das Ambilight-Blitzen und vielleicht auch das Bildschirmblitzen bei dem neuen Update berücksichtigt und aktiv bearbeitet wurde?
    Bei meinem letzten Kontakt mit Philips hieß es noch, dass man davon gar nichts weiß.

    Ich habe nur Sorge es mit dem Update eventuell zu verschlimmbessern.

    Und an alle die testen – Bitte dran denken den Fernseher mal im Standby zu lassen (länger als eine Stunde) und dann wieder anzumachen, also nicht vom Strom nehmen, und dann beobachten. Viele haben beim alten Update ja schon oft gedacht es sei verschwunden…

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    zum Blitzen kann ich nichts sagen…

    Die FB vom 908 soll ich jetzt aktualisieren lassen…


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    Ich werde es nachher updaten und weiter beobachten.

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    Really curious about the changelog :)

    I really hope the bug where the HDMI ports “forget” the high speed setting has been fixed.

    I’m also hoping for an option that will not automatically change the Ambilight setting when the TV switches to Gaming mode. I want it to use the Ambilight mode I choose myself and keep it that way :)

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    @Maurice what you mean with “forget” high speed on HDMI ports? I cant rlly watch 4k HDR/Dolby Vision on 4K Player, Apple TV or Playstation because i get stuttering randomly while watching. Since i “need” smoothness on like 4, this stuttering breaks the movie flow and its annoying. Watching the same movie (Prey) on Dolby Vision on the TV internal Disney+ app is smooth.

    So you mean this with your bug? :)


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    I can’t confirm that problems. I have 3 devices with 4k/HDR and everything is working fine since i bought it with every version (didnt update yet to this one).
    Whether 4k/HDR streaming or from disc.
    I use some very regular hdmi cabels i guess. Just had an eye on the hdmi version and the 4k support. I just mean none of those for more than 15€.

    The only thing that never works on mine is the setting that should remember where the TV schould boot up to (TV Menu or hdmi Port).

    Otherwise its the annoying ambilight and in-screen flashes that still keeps me thinking about giving it back…still got 30 days.

    On our other device the digital optin just dont work.

    It looks like devices with many many problems.

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    Oled708/12 Update durchgelaufen, mal schauen wegen blitzen !!

    Eines habe ich aber festgestellt, die Reaktion der Fernbedienung iss etwas holprig …


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    @Sven No that’s not what I meant. What sometimes happens here is that the HDMI Ultra HD port setting seems to change from “Optimal Auto Game 120 Hz Pro” to “Standard”. I notice this because my Nvidia Shield is then not able to use Dolby Vision anymore (the option just disappears from the Shield’s menu). If I check the setting in the TV’s user interface, it is still on the 120 Hz setting, but I need to switch to another setting and then back again before my Shield will do Dolby Vision again.

    I don’t recognize your problem with stuttering. Everything plays fine for me. I have the motion set to “Movies”. Anything higher exhibits the “soap opera effect” and my eyes cannot handle that :)

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    @Maurice thanks for answering! :) do you watch content over a hdmi source? Like AppleTV, 4K Player and Stuff like that. Its only happening there. Like i said the Movie Prey is run smoothly on Disney+ App on TV or with a HDD over FritzNAS. But watching the 4K Disc on HDR gives this stutter. Motion is on Movie too for me.

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    @Sven Yes, I watch most of my content on an Nvidia Shield 2019 Pro, which is connected to a Denon X2800H receiver. The receiver is connected to the HDMI 2 port of the TV. On the Shield, I use Kodi version 21 beta and my 4K DV/HDR blu-ray rips run fine from my Synology NAS.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “the 4K disc on HDR gives stutter”. How do you play this disc? On what hardware and with which software?

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    @pinse, @Alex,
    Update performed but
    – always White flash in the image (all source)
    – always hdmi 2 problem (sound bar)
    Philips contacted but they need a vidéo … not easy because never all the Time …
    My last Philips !!!

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    @Coco and the ambilight flashes?
    Are the white flashes now also if you use another picture mode than crytal clear?

    What do you mean with hdmi2 soundbar?
    Does it always boot up to hdmi 2 because of soundbar?

    And dont worry because of the Video…even if you would send it they just tell you then that they want to do an exchange/a repair…i showed them the ambilight flashes also on Video with no response to it…Just repair…so i dont even try to send my Video of the white inscreen flashes (i just noticed a movie scene when it happens, go back for like 30 seconds, wait for it and filmed it).

    Until now it seems like the Update did nothing against what we reported to philips.

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    I have exactly the same problem as Maurice, with my OLED808 and an Apple TV 4K. The “Optimal” setting is not remembered, resulting in Dolby Vision being disabled as an option on the Apple TV.

    It’s infuriating that one of the premier features of this TV (Dolby Vision playback) is not possible without constantly reapplying this setting (even considering that you have to know that this is a setting – I assume most normal owners of these TVs don’t).

    Let’s see to what extend this problem might be fixed with this firmware update.

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    What is infuriating is that the TPV support is absolute dogshit and issues that have been present since the beginning are not adressed at all. flashing is still present. most visibale in some menus. (try disney+ movie screens or netflix menu for getting it on video) and the HDR content is still way to dark. they know why they never supply changelogs. They all around prgramming of google tv in combination with the tv is also subpar. why e.g. does the TV start, when I press the Netflix button, but doesn’t when I try the prime button… that’s what I would expect from cheap brands like TOC or similar. Just feels fucking cheap.

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    regarding Netflix and starting the TV with this button on the RC. This is a special Netflix certification:

    Philips 2017: Einige Philips TV-Modelle sind “Netflix Recommended TV”


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