Philips: Neue Firmware für 2017/2018/2019er TVs mit Android TV 8 Oreo (TPM171E:

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  • 2019: 9104
  • 2018: 903 (OLED), 803 (OLED), 8503, 8303, 7803, 7503, 7303, 7363, 7373, 7383, 7393
  • 2017: 973 (OLED), 873 (OLED), 9002 (OLED), 8602, 8102, 7502, 6412, 6482
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    I can only block MAC address on my modem/router which is provided by my internet provider.
    @kro :How can i block philips download site?

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    1. you get a free openDNS account.
    2. you add the mentioned domains on the blacklist in your opendns account
    3a. you add the DNS ip addresses of opendns to your router (instead of the ones automatically assigned by your provider).
    3b. if 3a is not possible, you add them to the network settings of your TV only. You will have to manually set up the network settings of the TV to be able to do so. (ask before, if unsure how to do so)
    4. if your router gets always the same IP from your provider (fixed ip) you are done. if not continue with 5.
    5. make sure you activate dynamic IP updates in the advanced opendns settings
    6. make sure to read the links in the advanced settings on how to update your dynamic IP to opendns regularly (i use a dyndns setting in my router for that)

    BR – kro

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    Thanks@ kro !!!
    Is a bit complicated for a non internet specialist. But i will certainly try your procedure and report back here.

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    this is how far I got today :
    1) OpenDNS account created all ok, domains blacklisted, Dynamic IP (DHCP ) setup.
    1.1) Open DNS setup now asks to change router DNS to
    DNS 1
    DNS 2

    2) Cannot change router DNS 1 and DNS 2 , I cannot get this type of access on my Telenet type MODEM3.0 (DOCSIS)
    3) Tried now to change Philips TV network setup to Open DNS:
    => no success I cannot change DNS 1 and DNS 2 since DHCP in use. Also TV will not change to fixed IP setup

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    hey Raven,
    let me guide you through changing the DNS on your TV.

    Go to settings, network, cable or wifi, view network settings.
    Write down IP, Netmask, Gateway.

    Go to network configuration, switch from DHCP to static IP (by highlighting static ip and hit OK on the remote).
    That enables the menu entry static ip configuration (below network configuration).

    Go into static ip configuration.
    The previous IP address of your TV should still be there.
    Change it to something higher, so it doesn’t cause a confilict with your router.
    Example: if it was before, you change the last number to 113.

    Go to DNS setting
    I had issues entering the ip of the DNS as the previous one was still there.
    To change it I pressed 0 to overwrite all digits with 0 until it looks like
    Then I startet from the beginning an entered Then i used the delete key on the back of my remote to delete the 0 from the second set of numbers to get finaly to
    Entering 1 DNS is enough.
    Thats it. you are done.

    As you mention dynamic IP i guess you don’t have a fixed public ip.
    that means it changes from time to time and you need to update the settings in opendns. Otherwise opendns will not know to which account the requests belong and will apply the default rules where the philips site is not blocked.

    To update the IP that opendns knows you can use DNS-O-Matic (anorther opendns service dnsomatic[.]com). I use a setting in my synology NAS to update it.
    If you don’t have that option, you can check your modem if it supports dns-o-matic or use one of the tools you can install on Mac or PC that they provide. Disadvantage of Mac or PC solution is, they need to run on a regular base to update the IP.
    Another option would be to sideload the app Dynamic dns update right onto your TV. (sideload because it’s not available in the android-tv app store. short: download apk file, save to usb stick, get fx file explorer on tv, install dynamic dns update from stick using fx file explorer.). Configure it on TV then to update DNS-O-Matic.

    BR – kro

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    Hallo Kro,
    Many many thanks for guiding me in this setup.
    Philips Tv is now configured as per your guidance.
    It was not easy because initially the network setup would not allow change to fixed IP.
    Good sign : when asked if there are new updates THE TV responds no new updates available!
    I suppose i still need to delete the internet cache to kill the update message when TV starts up??
    Best regards,

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    hi Raven,
    glad it worked. you are welcome.

    Not sure about the internet cache. If you still have the popup when you startup the TV then give it a go.
    Nothing to lose. The delete internet cache function is also in Network settings.
    I belive that’s what did the trick for me. (I tried a lot of things that day).
    BR – kro

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    I somehow tested if upgrade still works… What a risk!
    And would you know : upgrade in progress… Somehow this “upgrade” has got into TV memory…
    New firmware(latest) has installed without any way to block installation.
    Now i have to downgrade again and do setup again….
    Will report tomorrow how this went.
    So far i presume once your Philips TV is infected with software update there is no way to go around..
    I have now upgraded and downgraded again to Android 7 , adapted DNS as per your procedure.
    Wait and see…
    Keep you informed
    Bye for now

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    oh no! you can cancel the upgrade (download) at least.
    did you take care about the IP update on opendns? in case you have a changeing public IP adderss from your internet provider you need to do this. otherwise when the ip changes the opendns settings wouldn’t apply.

    belive me, once in place it’s rock solid. I have this working over a week and seen zero update notifications since then.

    good luck and BR

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    Good morning @Kro

    I had to do as follows:

    1) Upgrade to latest firmware: this kills the continuing Upgrade message when TV starts up.
    2) Modify networking parameters on the TV as per your OpenDNS procedure: this stops the Upgrade message from comming back.
    3) After 1) and 2) : downgrade firmware to previous Android 7 via Toengel USB procedure. Check networking parameters again

    I could not have done this without your help and guidance. Also you teached me a lot about networks.
    Regarding fixed IP , I noticed my provider tends to keep IP adresses fixed for a very long time although network is DHCP. So I installed OpenDNS updater on my PC; OpenDNS will than automatically adapt settings if ever my network IP adress should change. I suppose I don’t need to install dynamic DNS update on TV.

    @Kro : thanking you for your support and guidance, you are an expert !
    kind regards,

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    you are very welcome. glad you got it sorted.

    I really love the Philips TV, the display is insane, the ambilight is great.
    The software is somehow ok, if you find a version that you like, stick with it.
    I hope my explanations and your experience to repeat the steps helps others to do the same.

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    thanks for sharing. Maybe I will create a blog post for your procedure (e.g. block these URLs via FritzBox router or OpenDNS)…



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    @Toengel Great idea!
    Reading this blog I presume that more unhappy Philips Android Oreo upgraders will follow.
    Please note this procedure does not prohibit users from doing whatever upgrade through USB.

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    Hallo Everyone ,
    @Kro : Just to let you know : your solution to block upgrade notifications and continue to work with Android 7 Philips firmware works indeed perfectly and is rock solid.
    @Toengel : good idea to put this procedure somewhere in your downgrade procedure as a sub-item to block notifications.
    Have not seen any more update notifications since I executed the Open DNS procedure with DNS set-up on the network settings of the TV, now 10 days ago.

    I am now enjoying again the beautifull picture and sound (through my Pilips soundbar HTS9140 ; Pioneer VXS-529) without any problems , using Android 7 version TPM171E Philips firmware on 55POS9002/12.

    In the mean time Philips support answered me as follows on my support question :”how can I NOT upgrade?”

    “Dear sir, just pull the internet cable( ha ha ha for a smart TV?) or just upgrade , we want you to upgrade , please upgrade , all beautifull new features , here is the procedure to upgrade ……”

    Bye for now,

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    ahh only authorize[.]nettvservices[.]com and firmware[.]nettvservices[.]com perfect I think I have all the info I need then.. Thanks

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