Philips: Informationen zum Hardware-Upgrade-Kit für 2013er, 2014er und 2015er TVs

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    Are there mounting instructions somewhere for my 55PUK7150/12?

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    Fassen wir das also zusammen, ich kaufe eine Fernseher der diverse Macken hat, der Support und auch Techniker vor Ort bringen nichts, der Hersteller hat es nicht nötig eine brauchbare Lösung anzubieten. Nach Ende der Garantie soll man jetzt nochmal investieren und einen mittlerweile über drei Jahre alten Fernseher in ein Funktionierendes Gerät zu verwandeln. Toll, warum steht jetzt wohl Sony auf meinem Fernseher…

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    I also upgraded 48PUS7600 to R3 but it was out of warranty so I had to pay around 220 euro in Bulgaria. So far I’m very happy with the performance and Android Oreo. I don’t use 3D and double tuner so I don’t miss them. My only complain is that Wi-Fi seems a bit buggy – few times the TV lost wireless signal and I had to restart it to get the Wi-Fi working again.

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    the WiFi issue is a known problem with the latest firmware… wait for the next release or use LAN port instead…


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    I contacted the guys from and they said there is a kit for my 55PUK7150/12 but it is out of stock. The article links to a kit for 71×0/12 models but in fact this upgrade kit is not for 55PUK7150/12. Make sure you double check with the vendor before buying.

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    did they tell you the order number for the 55PUK7150/12-Kit? If not, can you ask them?


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    Ich hatte Glück und konnte im letzten Monat der 2 jährigen Garantiezeit dieses Upgrade noch gerade so für meinen PUK7150 bekommen ohne etwas zahlen zu müssen.
    Um das HW Upgrade zu bekommen musste ich den telefonischen Support aber reichlich bemühen und habe stur das gemacht, was sie mir sagten bis sie schließlich einwilligten/nicht anders konnten um die bekannten Fehler zu beheben.
    Der Techniker, der dann kam machte das Upgrade wohl zum ersten Mal,
    er ging zum Glück strukturiert vor und viel falsch kann man da nicht machen,
    hätte ich auch ganz allein hinbekommen.

    Die Vorteile (Fernbedienung funktioniert, keine reboots mehr -> funktionierende Android Versionen) wiegen bei uns klar die 3 benannten Bugs auf.
    Finde es aber schon schwach, dass die Bildqualität pauschal festgelegt wurde!
    Dafür kann mein TV nun auch DVB-T2-HD, auch wenn ich es nur selten nutze.

    Mich haben die TV Fehler echt genervt und würde heute sogar Geld für das Upgrade ausgeben,
    es aber selber machen, für einen technisch Versierten nicht schwer!
    Auf jeden Fall möchte ich mich auch sehr bei Alex für seinen Blog bedanken!

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    für mich hat das Hardware Upgrade von einem 55 PUK 7150 auf einen 55 PUS 7150 / R2 gelohnt, siehe:
    Ich bin immer noch sehr zufrieden mit dem TV und er ist seit dem Upgrade vor einem Jahr vielleicht noch 1-2 mal abgestürzt.
    Ich kann es nur jedem empfehlen der den TV noch länger nutzen möchte. Alles andere hat Alex ja schon im Beitrag erwähnt.
    Ihm / Dir auch nochmal vielen Dank, denn er / du hat / hast mir danach mit dem Nachinstallieren der Firmwares für passives 3D geholfen!

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    Moin @ Torngel alias Alex, mon to al the others herre

    Today I received my Uprade Kit vor my 55PFL7008/K12. To install the new Hardware,
    Mainboard, Cables Wifi-Modul took about quite an hour. To my surprise I got a Picture and couldt start settimgs up the TV.

    But the discribed procedure to update the Flat didn´t work. I unpziped the Firmware Autorun_QME164E_000.016.102.024.upg in Root Directory of a FAT32 formated
    USB Stick as well es NVM.bin and NVM.eed for 55PFL7008S-R1. I plugged the USB-Stick to USB-Port 2, the blue one, and powered on the Flat. At first every thing went fine i got a Picture and after booting up normally the fimrware.upg and VVM.Bin and EEV should be loaded from Stick an flashed to the SSB-Board. But finally something went wrong, the Update NVM.bin ans EED wasn´t processed.

    Afterwords i checked CSM-Menu and the Board was recognized as 42PFL6008-R1.
    Ihad a look to Option-Codes, first row is 01153 00256 53251 10308
    second row is 57352 04147 14371 00000 00000. So I entered the desired Codes for 55PFL7008S-R1 stored them and set the TV to standby after 5 Minutes i plugged out AC Cable.

    I tried to restart the TV after 5 Minutes but the red led left from the Philips Label is continuously blinking and there is no picture but the screen is slightly lit in grey.

    Can anyone tell me what went wrong and discribes a way to factory reset the mainboard and force it to install the software prepared on USB-Stick. If i try to install the Firmware QME164E_000.016.102.024 via installation Menu, i am informed that QME164E_000.016.102.024 can´t be installed becouse the upgrade is already present.

    May be someone knows a way to force installation by renaming the *.upg file to test.upg, force nvm und eed to install properly or atleast a factory reset to start the procedure agin.

    Kind regards @ all


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    you used the wrong USB port for the update… you need to use the black on = USB 2.0… NVM/EED cannot be installed via the blue one = USB3.0


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    Hy Alex

    Thanks for Your reply but as i pointed out, i have to find a way to reset the Mainboard in basic to the stored Firmware and VVM + EED Dumbs. For the moment the
    Red Led ist flashing continuously and and i can´t do inputs via remote control.

    In the past with 55PFL7008K/12 there was a procedure to ground SDM to the Chassis.
    For now I have no Idea to make the Mainboard booting to start a new try.

    It would be great to hear Your hopefully brillant ideas to get it done in the next try.

    Enjoy Your weekend and regards


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    – format USB stick with FAT32
    – put NVM/EED into the root
    – unplug power cord of TV
    – insert USB stick into black USB port
    – replug power cord of TV
    – wait…


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    Hy Alex

    Thks for Your patience we made it, without the *.upg file NVM & EED dump was executed. The readout in CSM is now 55PFL7008-R1. Reason for the confusion was
    a bunch of cryptic… links with misleading information about the update procedure to keep the upgrade hardware and software changes in in hands of
    TP-Vision service professionals.

    If You are interrested in the shipped Step-By-Step Tutorial drop me a mail.

    As long as there is a firmware *.upg file on the USB-Stick the dump is not executed with remark to QME164. 7.1.2N2G48H eng.build_.20180808.053428
    release wich is prebranded with update SSB. Without this knowledge and Your helpful hints i got stucked with ordering a service technician from Hamburg at the end. Most known dealers skipped TP-Vision service due to the bad experiences customers made with dying ssb´s in range of 24 month warranty by European law.

    If the TV is mounted to a wall You need at least 4 strong but sensitive hands to get the panel to a desk without any collision kicking it in the bin at the end. i wish the EU-Commission fined a painfull monetary penalty to TP-Vision based on the throwaway-mentality.

    Hopefully the panel is working the next 3 years without weekly or daily confusion
    to look for a Sony or LG Flat as replacement.

    Thks again for Your great hints.

    Regards Ede

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    Hi Toengel,

    If I understood correctly, you mentioned that upgrade kits can be ordered from specialist workshops with the partnumbers at ASWO and the price would be about 200€. Do you have contact information for some of those workshops, preferably ones that would ship to Finland?

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    you can go to every Philips certified workshop at your location or near you… they can order it directly… I think, you can even find a workshop via the Philips support website… if not, just call the Philips service and ask for a workshop near your location…


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