Antwort auf: Philips: Neue Firmware für 2023er High-End-TVs mit Google TV (TPM231WW:

Erfahrungen, Feedback und Bugmeldungen zu einzelnen Firmware-Versionen
OLED908, OLED8x8, OLED7x8, PUS88x8, PUS85x8

As promised an update:
A repair person just visited and replaced the PCB in my 48OLED808 TV, with the intention of solving the issue with the HDMI settings (constantly being reset, so that Dolby Vision input is not possible – have to manually set to Optimal every time TV is turned on).

The new PCB came with a firmware version dating from November 23, so I assume it’s a fairly recent production run.

However, the problem was NOT solved and is still persistent.

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