Philips: Neue Firmware für 2019er SAPHI TV-Serien (TPM196E:

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    Ivaylo Stoyanov

    Please someone test if you can cast YouTube videos on the TV from a computer/laptop.
    Here is a video of what I mean:

    It was not possible with update TPM196E_091.003.210.001 and TPM196E_091.003.255.001 and I had to downgrade to TPM196E_091.003.166.001 which worked fine.

    Please someone test and answer here!

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    YT casting to this TV model has always worked for me regardless of fw version. I also works on the newest firmware, I have just tested.

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    Ivaylo Stoyanov

    Hey Greg!
    Did you try casting YT from laptop/computer to TV?

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    Not really. I tried only from Android phones and iPhone. I can try tomorrow from PC and will post the results.

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    Ivaylo Stoyanov

    Thank you very much Greg.
    Casting from phone to TV is working on all firmware versions.
    But from pc/laptop stopped working after version TPM196E_091.003.210.001
    I reported the problem to Philips on 03 January 2021. At first they said that the problem is not in the TV. Then I asked them to send me the old firmware but they didn’t do it and said that downgrading is not possible because there is a very high chance that the older FW version might not be recognized by the TV. I was very scared to do the downgrade but I finally decided to do it. I got the files from this forum and on 03 March 2021 I did it and it worked perfectly fine and I was able to cast YT again from my laptop to TV. When they releases the newest FW on 09 April 2021 I sent another email to Philips and asked them if this is fixed, but they said that it’s not.
    I can’t wait for your test. I’m curious to know if Philips are lying to me again. They are so incompetent in my opinion..

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    I have tried to cast from my Windows 10 PC and unfortunately it didn’t work. I cannot choose Philips TV because it’s inactive it says – “available for specific video sites”. Saphi SmartTV has always been very limited that is why I also purchased Xiaomi Mi Box along with the TV and casting YT to Xiaomi Device works just fine from the PC (I have also tested it just recently). So instead of getting frustrated with Saphi you might want to consider buying the extra device like Xiaomi Mi Stick or Google Chromecast 3 which just works to go along with this TV :)

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    Ivaylo Stoyanov

    Thank you for testing, Greg :)

    I bought my TV in February 2020 and casting YouTube from computer to TV was working fine until I updated to TPM196E_091.003.210.001
    Since then it stopped working.
    The devices that you recommend are really good but I don’t see a point in buying one right now since YT casting works for me because I use the older version of the software TPM196E_091.003.166.001

    Thanks again for your help :)

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