Antwort auf: Philips: Neue Firmware für 2019/2020er TVs mit Android TV 11 (TPM191E:

Erfahrungen, Feedback und Bugmeldungen zu einzelnen Firmware-Versionen
  • 2020: OLED935, OLED865, OLED855, OLED805, OLED705, 9435, 9235, 9005, 8555, 8545, 8535, 8505
  • 2019: 65OLED984, OLED934, OLED854, OLED804, 8804, 8204, 7504, 7394, 7354, 7334, 7304


TV became completely unusable. Random reboots, a minute of black screen before showing anything from Hdmi, sluggish reaction to remote, Dolby Vision randomly grey screen and black, sometimes not turning on at all.

Of course i reset the TV but to no avail.

Downgraded firmware and all working as it should now.

Have also another Philips TV, but from last year, also suffering lagging and random reboots, will also downgrade the software in the next few days.

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