Antwort auf: Philips: Neue Firmware für 2021/22er High-End-TVs mit Android TV 11 (TPM211EA:

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In english; sorry. But what Andreas is telling, I have exactly the same issue om my oled 806. I have got power issue’s with the Denon Receiver using eARC. I cannot use the volume button of the TV to change the audio on the Denon when connected to eARC. Changing the Audio device on the TV, or disable eARC in the TV options fixes the issue. Using the Denon Receiver on another model of Philips PML9008, works OK. So it is defintely the TV.

No issue’s when using ARC. I have called Philips support; but they are not doing anything about it and they only make a notification about it. I am not confident that this issue is resolved by them. Hopefully someone here has a better entrace with Philips to discuss the issue there and ofcourse I want to use the full potential of both devices. In the meantime I have disabled eARC in the TV Options..

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