Antwort auf: Philips: Neue Firmware für 2023er High-End-TVs mit Google TV (TPM231WW:

Erfahrungen, Feedback und Bugmeldungen zu einzelnen Firmware-Versionen
OLED908, OLED8x8, OLED7x8, PUS88x8, PUS85x8

@Coco and the ambilight flashes?
Are the white flashes now also if you use another picture mode than crytal clear?

What do you mean with hdmi2 soundbar?
Does it always boot up to hdmi 2 because of soundbar?

And dont worry because of the Video…even if you would send it they just tell you then that they want to do an exchange/a repair…i showed them the ambilight flashes also on Video with no response to it…Just repair…so i dont even try to send my Video of the white inscreen flashes (i just noticed a movie scene when it happens, go back for like 30 seconds, wait for it and filmed it).

Until now it seems like the Update did nothing against what we reported to philips.

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