Antwort auf: Philips: Neue Firmware für 2021/22er High-End-TVs mit Android TV 11 (TPM211EA:

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I’ve finally found the cause, and how to solve it.
The problem wasn’t the tv… I’ve downgraded for nothing, the issue is the DTS play fi app.
Since the two last firmwares, if you have an apple tv (with HDMI CEC on) and if you launch the surround mode of the play fi app… the Apple TV remote crashes, and it sends continuously infrared commands on the TV, even if the Apple tv is off or HDMI unplugged.
I was beginning to believe that I’m crazy!
I just had to restart the Apple TV remote and that’s it, problem solved.

I’m sorry for the disturbing, maybe someone with the same problem will find this usefull.



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