Antwort auf: Philips: Neue Firmware für 2023er High-End-TVs mit Google TV (TPM231WW:

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@Coco i can tell you what Philips will do. Of course the will give you another device. I just can tell how it works in Germany. You have to be home whenever the say, someone gets your device and you are there without any (if you dont have an old flatscreen).
Days later they will tell you that you’ll get an exchange. Then its 50/50. Someone in this thread did exactly that and guess what…still flashes.
I contacted Philips by myself and they wanted to do the same…no more options or any info about an update. And very very very unfriendly support.
I didnt do that until now. My hope is still a software problem and not a hardware bug like in older Ambilights.

With all these stuff definitly my first and last philips ever. Im still able to give it back but i love the ambilight and its already a part of gaming for me. The 2022er series is not avaible for nearly the price, but as i saw there were also many problems.

I just can tell you that changing the picture mode in anything else than crystal clear and restarting the TV after every boot up fix both problems for me until i turn it off again.

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