Philips 2020: Die 9435 LCD-Serie mit Dolby Vision und 2.1.2 Sound von Bowers & Wilkins

Alle Informationen zu den einzelnen Serien der jeweiligen Jahrgänge
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    Wie ich vermutlich richtig im Hifi-Forum erfahren habe, das dieses Modell kein 100Hz Panel bekommen soll, wollte ich a)fragen ob das wirklich so ist und nur ein 50/60Hz Panel verbaut wird? und b)ob Philips somit wieder überhaupt kein LCD Modell mit einem wirklich guten Panel anbieten wird?
    Vielen Dank für die Rückmeldung im voraus :)

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    das mit den Hz steht auch in meiner Übersicht:

    Philips 2020: Übersicht / Line Up / Range aller 2020er Philips TVs

    Ein Panel muss nicht schlecht sein, wenn es nur 50/60Hz kann… die letzten 100/120Hz Panels wurden 2018 in den 8xx3 verbaut.


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    ich habe den TV seit ca. 1 Monat und bin eigentlich recht zufrieden. Was jedoch echt nervt ist der mangelnde Bass. Kann jemand eine Soundbar (gern von Phillips) empfehlen, welche einen besseren Klang (und Vor allem mehr Basss) bietet ?


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    Hi Alex and everybody,
    I just bought this tv in a week or two, and I would like to share my experience.

    Before i bought it i tried to get more and more infos about the spec, and the most important question are the kind of display, like fald or not and 400nits and the 50/60hz are was a little strange, but i bought it anyway.
    Based on my first 10day experience, I need to tell, this tv is much much better as it looks based on spec.

    My previous tvs was a premium 46pfs8008 and 55pus8602 with Samsung qled display, with much better specification(much higher peak brightness, real 100hz, and of course the quantum dot technology, which giving beauty colours. And in our bedroom we have a 55pfs7509 with a poor brightness, and tragically slow menu, but with 3d and good pic… So I have a basis for comparison.

    Nevertheless I say, the 9435 is a good tv with surprisingly good colours and blacks. The only visible problem with the hdr or dolby vision sources. The 400 or 500 nits are not enough, the tv somewhere on the border. At normal daylight scenes hdr gives extra for the eyes, but for dark scenes this value is not enough.
    With normal hd or uhd sources the pic is looks very nice if You can adjust the tv.
    And the 50hz…..i try, but i cannot see the difference, the electronics makes a good work in this area.
    Finally the sound, I was shocked from the bass which comes out from thos small box. If You try to test with bass boosted music, You can hear it, its great:) And the quality of sound is perfect.

    The soc is noticeably faster compare with 8602, overall i like this 9435 a little better than my previous uhd premium certified one.

    Another good feature, philips finally did it(I have been waiting for it for years), to add hue lights for the lower side in a 3 sided ambilight system.

    Best Regards,


Ansicht von 4 Antworten - 1 bis 4 (von insgesamt 4)
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