Antwort auf: Philips: Neue Firmware für 2019/2020er TVs mit Android TV 11 (TPM191E:

Erfahrungen, Feedback und Bugmeldungen zu einzelnen Firmware-Versionen
  • 2020: OLED935, OLED865, OLED855, OLED805, OLED705, 9435, 9235, 9005, 8555, 8545, 8535, 8505
  • 2019: 65OLED984, OLED934, OLED854, OLED804, 8804, 8204, 7504, 7394, 7354, 7334, 7304


First do a factory reset, i.e. completely reset the TV. You can save TV channels to a USB stick beforehand if necessary. You must write down the picture settings and then re-enter them.
However, if you have saved videos on a hard disk on the TV, they will be lost.

Please disconnect all external devices for the reset and then set up again step by step and test the soundbar. Then update the apps and test the soundbar again (you can also experiment with audio delay, but this is unlikely to help …). I don’t know your soundbar, so I can’t tell you whether there are any alternative setting options.

Only if none of this helps would I downgrade to ATV9.

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