Antwort auf: Dear Philips… or how to destroy the Ambilight+hue experience



I just bought my 3rd Philips Ambilight TV, a 65OLED808, 2023 model. Ambilight was the one and only reason to buy Philips TV products and once I could sync my Hue lights I was sure never to buy any other TV product. I have been showing this setup of to numerous people and all of them were awestruck by the Ambilight in combination with the Philips Hue system.

Being a product manager myself, I cannot understand why the decision was made to drop a MAJOR feature of the Ambilight eco system. Ambilight is the single most differentiator Philips has to offer. With this massively reduced, I could by e.g. a Samsung TV and enhance it with Ambilight – there is no reason anymore to go for Philips.

On a sidenote I noticed, that my TV has the system App Ambilight+Hue installed, which was quite a surprise. What is missing is the Ambilight+Hue configuration options – maybe someone can look into this.

Nevertheless, I’m massively dissapointed by this.

best regards

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