Philips: Neue Firmware für 2016er TV-Modelle (QM164E: 1.14.31)

Philips: Neue Firmware für 2016er TV-Modelle (QM164E: 1.14.31)

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es gibt eine neue Firmware für Philips TV-Modelle /-Fernseher der folgenden 2016er TV-Serien:

  • QM164E

Changelog SW Version:

  1. HDR functionality, cloud explorer, EWS Indonesia
  2. A new enhanced UI and navigation in channel list, channel zapping, TV Guide, Google playback, help and info function
  3. Following fixes/improvements
    • Audio
      • Distortion on high volumes is improved
    • DVBC
      • GINX DVB-C subtitle improvement
      • OSD channel update message that was remaining on the screen is removed
      • OSD ‘no channel available’ when switching channels is removed
      • OSD ‘no program available’ of radio channels is removed
      • OSD error on channel list is fixed
      • Annoying noise when zapping from ATV -> DTV is fixed
      • Audio drops on satellite is fixed
      • No video on UHD H265 id fixed
      • Lipsync in Broadcast on TV speakers improved
      • New channel logo database intake
    • External device
      • HDMI ARC device wakes up while set is going to standby is fixed
      • No sound on HDMI1 and 2 is fixed
      • BT devices: picture judder and humming noise if BT device is connected, is fixed
    • General stability/startup behaviour
      • Several crashes fixed
      • No reaction on RC after using TVGuide is fixed
      • Spontaneous reboot in steady state WatchTV is fixed
      • TV automatically went to standby after power on is fixed
      • TV does sometimes does not go to full standby is fixed
      • No startup, no reaction on BT RC is fixed
      • Set always starts up on HDMI3, last source is now remembered
      • Settop box RC was controlling TV, is fixed
    • Netflix/YT
      • Netflix: Black screen in Netflix playback is fixed
      • Netflix: Picture moving too fast after playing UHD movie is fixed
      • Netflix sometimes stuck is fixed
      • YT: voice search on YT was not working is fixed
      • YT: music playback hangup is fixed
    • TV guide
      • Missing data for some services is fixed
      • Tuning for DVBS or DVBC favorite list was not OK and is fixed now
      • Data information was lost after long time in standby, is fixed
    • UI/demo/eUM
      • German/Polish/French/Slovenian translation updates
      • Wave your flag DemoMe added
      • Some improvement in eUM
      • Wrong Hebrew language direction in SmartTV is fixed
    • PVR improvements
    • Wifi improvements


  • Es empfiehlt sich, nach erfolgreicher Installation (also wenn der TV wieder läuft), den TV 2-3 Minuten vom Strom zu nehmen (vorher natürlich in Standby bringen und 2 Minuten warten).
  • Erfahrungsthread im Philips-Forum: 5501
  • Technisches Feedback im Philips-Forum: …


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